The market for mobile application development is still booming, and the sector is rapidly developing. The numbers speak for themselves: by 2027, it is predicted that the global market for mobile application development would have grown to $44.3 trillion. You should keep up with emerging trends if you want to survive and succeed in this digital age.

According to numerous mobile application development agencies, the top mobile app development trends that will influence 2022 are listed below. Our offshore mobile developers contributed to the creation of this list based on their personal experiences. Don’t let opportunities for innovation slip by.

Growth of 5G

Although 5G is now among the current trends in app development, its widespread use is yet anticipated. By 2025, 5G connections are expected to account for 15% of mobile connections globally and 40% of all connections in Europe. 

What precisely is 5G, and what does it represent for the creation of mobile applications?

A modified version of 4G is not 5G. The newest radio technology, the Fifth-Generation wireless cellular network (5G), seeks to boost mobile connectivity and enhance the whole smartphone experience for users. Technology for 5G provides

  • High-speed operation (5G is 100 times faster than 4G)
  • Low latency that enables millisecond-speed data delivery
  • New potential to create complex, realistic AR/VR applications and transmit high-quality 4K–8K and 360–degree videos
  • Up to a million devices will have greater connectivity
  • Supporting high-resolution live streaming at a quicker rate will result in smoother video streaming.
  • Due to quick biometric data processing, mobile payments are secure.

The use of AR and VR

One of the best inventions for creating new prospects for mobile app development companies from many industries is augmented and virtual reality. This year’s newest trends in mobile app development are AR & VR.

And there’s a good reason for this significant increase in demand. For enterprises, AR and VR have a number of advantages, including:

  • Improving the effectiveness and comfort of the client experience
  • Since consumers may virtually test a wide range of products thanks to greater sales, people are buying more frequently.
  • Increased communication and collaboration by simultaneously providing a shared place.
  • Extensive analytics to more fully comprehend consumer behavior and more effectively market the company’s products. 

Businesses across a range of industries can benefit from both VR and AR technologies. For example, retail is already embracing this cutting-edge technology. Therefore, users of the Nike app can scan their feet and receive highly accurate sizing recommendations. Online buyers may now safely order shoes without worrying about choosing the wrong size thanks to this functionality.

One of the expanding trends in application development this year is virtual and augmented reality. The way people work and interact with clients, coworkers, and the rest of the world is already changing thanks to this technology, and this trend will only continue. Gaming, real estate, tourism, healthcare, education, entertainment, and many other businesses will use AR and VR more and more. Therefore, now is the ideal time to explore virtual or augmented reality.

Super Apps

For most App developers in Dubai, Mobile app development no longer revolves around creating one app to address a single user’s problem. Everything is changing now. You can expect to see the super app development trend in 2022.

Super app is a comprehensive platform that offers a variety of services, including financial services, online messaging, and ride-hailing. These services enable customers to handle a variety of problems at once. WeChat serves as a clear illustration of super applications. Chinese instant chat, social media, and mobile payment apps have more than 1.26 billion active users each month over a broad age spectrum.

Super applications are a convenient approach for customers to find solutions to all of their problems in one easily accessible digital location. People find it much more convenient to use a super-app than to use several distinct apps to complete the same task. It follows that the need for super applications will only increase.

Mobile Learning

In a world that is changing faster and faster, easy access to education is becoming more vital. The development of educational mobile apps is even more important than before in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. One of the most promising areas in mobile app development that haven’t slowed down is mobile learning.

The main goal of mobile learning is to make it possible for users to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills while utilizing mobile devices like computers, tablets, and smartphones. It’s a practical approach to have constant access to educational materials and to study while on the road.

Lastly, having a mobile app is a must-have in 2022 and forward and if you don’t have one, you might be missing out on a lot of clients depending on the business you run. If you require  Ecommerce mobile app development services, contact Prism Digital, a Mobile App development company in the UAE with expertise in ios and android app development.


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