The Evri Shipping Charge Scam article provides an in-depth explanation of the scam as well as the best ways to spot it.

Do you know the difference between the two sides of the internet? Do you know the difference in phishing terms and smishing terms, if so, Confusing, right? These terms can be confusing. We can help you understand them. These scams are widely circulated in the United Kingdom. This article will discuss the Evri Shipping Charge Scam

Evri delivery swindle

Evri is a well-known delivery service in the United Kingdom. Recently, they changed their company name to Evri from Hermes. Scammers also take advantage of this opportunity because some people may not have the same names.

Online sources claim that many people received messages from unknown numbers asking for a 1.45 euro shipping fee to receive their parcel. Their parcel will be returned if they do not pay the shipping fee. The scammers attached a fake Evri website to the message. They asked people to enter their bank information. Many people fell for the scam and lost their money.

Evri Shipping Fee Scam

According to technical officials, this scam is called smishing. Evri, the delivery company, acknowledged this. Scammers also sent messages saying that customers must pay the redelivery fees.

The scammers ask for very little. The problem is that they send a website-hooked link that steals banking details from the person who clicks it. They then ask people to enter their banking details in order to steal their money. The scammers are claiming that they have sent messages from numbers 44(756)8963015, and (739) 40194403.

Reporting the fraud

If people began reporting the Evri shipping fee scam to the authorities, it could be stopped on a large scale.

  • It is advised that people not click on any links contained in the scam message, but instead take a screenshot of the message and email it to the Evri delivery service technical support team. You can also email the screenshot or image to the 7726 toll free number.
  • Do not panic if you click the wrong link. Visit your nearest police station to report the problem and contact your bank officials for a freeze on your bank accounts.

Identifying the scam

It is easy to spot the Evri shipping fee scam and it falls under smishing. Smishing, a type of phishing scam, is where scammers use SMS to steal people’s information. This is also known by SMiShing.

We can also identify the smishing activity through the unknown number of the senders, their motto to request your bank details or money. Delivery services will not charge a redelivery fee for delivery.


Evri is a legitimate delivery company. They have admitted to this smishing. They have partnered up with Netcraft, a well-known cyber grievance service. They provide cyber solutions to protect Evri customers against fake scammers.

The Evri Shipping Charge Scam will be eradicated by the Evri company. However, people need to be cautious about smishing text messages. For more information.

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