Fairsingle Reviews gives a thorough analysis of the website, as well as the truth about its nature and inner motivations.

Are you one of those people who enjoy clearance sales, like Mitzi Nohara in the Shinchan series. Are you a fan of big clearance sales? The big sales were announced by some online shopping sites that are based in the United Kingdom , and United States. One of these was fairsingle, an e-commerce website. We will now discuss the website and its Fairsingle Reviews.

The fair-singleshop

This website was founded on the principle of helping people, and making the world better for them. This website sells many products that enable immobile people to move independently. The COVID pandemic caused many vendors to accumulate inventory. So they decided to sell these piled-up products on this website.

These clearance products are:

  • Remote-controlled mobility scooters, electric bikes, and terrain vehicles
  • Dining room furniture
  • Many miscellaneous products such as ceramic cups and shakers.


Is Fairsingle Legit? Before you place an order, make sure to inspect the website. We can find out a lot more about the legitimacy of the website by reviewing these specifications.

  • Customers can buy products at: https://fairsingle.com/
  • Email address: support@morefitlifestyle.com.
  • Telephone phone : (+1 5096140467)
  • Contact Address Information They have not provided their contact information on their official website.
  • Social Media Activity The icons for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest are found in the Contact Us section. These links ask users to share the website via their social media profiles.
  • Fairsingle : customer is the only product that has been reviewed
  • Content originality: Most content is plagiarized
  • Privacy policy They have provided details of their privacy policy
  • Shipping Policy: Free Delivery for Every 59.99$ Purchase. The total delivery time for each product will be 5 to 17 Business Days. They have partnered with delivery service agencies such FedEx.
  • Return Policy:Customers can return their product within 14-days of receiving it
  • Customer policy for refund:customers can get their full reimbursement if the product is returned in its original condition
  • Payment options:PayPal is available.

Fairsingle only has one review, which raises suspicions on the website and calls for further investigation.

Positive Highlights

  • They provide quality certificates and guarantees on their products.
  • They also display information about the stocks and products they have sold.
  • Spend more than $59.99 to get free shipping

Negative highlights

  • Their email address doesn’t match their domain.
  • Customers can only purchase one product at a given time.
  • Discounts up to 70%
  • Their payment option information is inconsistent with the product description and FAQ section.
  • The website layout is poor and unusable.

Legitimacy assessment

Fairsingle Legit? The best way to answer this question is to change your perspective on the website. To find their inner motive, we need to focus on the technical aspects of their behavior.

  • Domain Age: The website was launched on 17/06/2022.
  • Domain expiration The website will be deleted on 17/06/2023. This is a very short domain life.
  • Registrar’s name:The domain was registered under godaddy.com LLC
  • Data Safety: A valid HTTPS Protocol is detected
  • Trust score website: Very low trust score at 2%
  • The global Alexa ranking4104998
  • Score:61%
  • Fairsingle  only for one product
  • Plagiarism Content: 88% Of the content is plagiarized
  • Missing information: contact address, company name

Summary Reviews

There are only 15 reviews on the official website. These reviews can only be seen for mobility scooters and not for other products. The scooter received 4.93 rating and users have shared photos.

They display the number of purchased products; some products show 1000; even so, we couldn’t find any reviews. So it is difficult for us to confirm its legitimacy. You can read this article PayPal scams


The Fairsingle reviews gave all necessary information. It’s not easy to prove that the website is legitimate, as people gave their mobility scooter a rating of 4.9. However, there are no reviews on the other products and the website scores low in trust, mismatched emails addresses, etc. So people need to be cautious about this single website.


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