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Hola Amigos, hopefully which means you each one is doing great in today’stoday’s day, where shopping online is really ordinary. We wouldn’t get surprised when we found realize that our daily use accessories will also be being offered online. But shopping online has indeed made us for action, it saves considerable time today we will give overview of feogi.com.

Which means this website feogi.com sells different types of accessories worldwide. However the product that you’re buying comes from any brand, or perhaps is it durable, furthermore? Could it be safe to purchase accessories online? And also the primary real question is this site is real or perhaps a scam?? There can be lots of queries in your thoughts as individuals from worldwide trying to find some reliable sites. We’ll help everyone to obvious all of your queries through our impartial feogi.com reviews.

What’s feogi.com?

Feogi.com is definitely an e-commerce website that is supplier/distributor of accessories for example chain, pendant, rings, bracelet, shades in addition to watches. There’s n quantity of number of accessories which looks bewitching the cost range is mixed many are very costly many are affordable.

Feogi.com provide a Guarantee that is for life on purchases of products. All of the products appear to become of top quality. But knowing its authenticity is most significant before purchasing.

The web site was discovered determined 2 several weeks ago, however the identity from the primary who owns the web site is hidden, which appears suspicious to all of us. Is feogi.com legit not really a scam that may be proven house SSL certificate, that is required for a web site to prove its authentication?

It offers you fourteen days refund policy, however the Shipping charges compensated are non-refundable. The merchandise can’t be cancelled when the order is positioned if you want to cancel your preferred order, then first you need to receive the transaction contact them for instructions regarding how to give it back.

Website details:

Domain age: 2 several weeks from now

Website Speed: Extremely Fast

SSL certificate valid: Valid

Kind of SSL: – Domain Validated Certificates

WHOIS registration date:2020-12-23

Email: feogisupport@feogi.com


feogi.com reviews: Only accessible around the official site


An array of accessories enables us to find the perfect addition for a wonderful occasion

Affordable cost range

Refund and refund policy can be found

Web site is SSL certified

Online shop give door-to-door shipping as reported by the country

The rating score of 61 on scam Consultant


Owner description is hidden, that is suspicious

The web site is registered lately

Age the web site is less

Alexa recognition is low

No customers reviews on reliable websites

Is feogi.com legit or perhaps a scam?

Feogi.com is really a site that is 2 several weeks old, also it gives us various accessories that provide us to savor the gorgeous craftsmanship from the item. The web site includes a guaranteed link with HTTPS. The web site is SSL certified, which is also registered on WHIOS, however the identity from the owner is hidden, that is a bit suspicious.

It provides us a acceptable offer which enables us to come back the merchandise whether it broken throughout our lifetime. Yes, it is a great offer. And also the review are only able to be located on the feogi.com reviews page, the website’s suspicious point.

Testimonials on feogi.com:

Before we advise you to definitely Shop came from here, we attempted to locate Testimonials, but we didn’t found any sources where testimonials were pointed out except the web site itself, and also the review page was filled with the positive testimonials, that is suspicious.

We could find just one review video from the website, that also claims the web site to become suspicious. There have been many famous celebrity feogi.com reviews present online page, however the comments online could be manipulated what ever they want.

The ultimate word for that website feogi.com:

After doing our searches, we found the web site suspicious simply because they don’tdon’t get their product review except the website.

We can’tcan’t trust this site. Though it comes with an average trust score, it’s not much popular, as well as, the web site does not have any social networking account. So thinking about unfavourable feogi.com reviews, we don’tdon’t recommend you to definitely obtain here.

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