Buying a shoe shelf might sound like a relief. You can at least manage to store your heaps of footwear collections in an organized manner with a shelf. But did you know the placement of the rack matters a lot?

Surveys suggest that storing your shoe shelf in the right corner of your house promotes universal harmony and peace. Not to forget, a happy home drives warmth, love, and positivity.

Thus, as a shopaholic homeowner, properly storing your ever-growing footwear collection is your responsibility. Don’t worry – there are diverse organizing solutions, which this post shall cover. But before that, let’s highlight how a de-cluttered shoe rack spreads peace and positivity.

How Your Shoe Shelves’ Placement Promotes Harmony & Peace?

People love seeing everything neat and clean around them. Stats report that cleanliness promotes godliness, and that’s where the following tips come in handy. If you want to store your shoes rack & promote harmony and peace, read on. Here are the tips to follow:

#1 Never Store it at The Entrance

They say the first impression is always the last impression. So, imagine your guests entering the house. And suddenly, they see a cluttered and dirty shelf messed up with shoes all over. Will that scenario impress them?

The answer is a simple no. It would be great if you could install the cabinet outside your entrance door. In that way, your entrance will be tidy and clean.

#2 Keep It Clean and De-Cluttered

Entering someone’s house only to see sandals not placed tidily is an unpleasant sight. Similarly, your guests will feel this way if they see the cupboard messed up with shoes. It also wards off negative energies too. What you can do is keep things organized by de-cluttering the messy area. That way, you will also feel happy about the space. 

#3 Ensure the Shoes Don’t Have Foul Odor

Wash or clean the footwear right before storing them in the cupboard. It’s because the sandals and boots may develop a foul smell. And upholding this practice benefits you over time. 

One quick note: It’s also great to store camphor inside the shelves. It eliminates the foul smell.

#4 Shelves with Doors are More Preferable

Having a closed sandal rack is the best idea. These shelves are also aesthetically attractive. Keeping a shelf with doors keeps the foul smell at bay. In addition, these shelves make your space look more tidy and clean.

#5 Ensure They Don’t Take Much Space

While buying a shelf for storing boots and sandals, ensure the cabinet does consume too much space. If it consumes a lot of space, the area looks clumsy.

One quick note: It’s best not to keep the rack inside the bedroom, kitchen, or prayer rooms.

With these ideas, you can promote harmony in your house. So, now that you know where to keep your shoes properly, it’s time to implement these ideas. This way, you can spread positivity in the house. Are you looking for a wooden rack? Then, you can get an idea about the designs from Alibaba. Then, attain further details on what the platform brings on offer.


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