We live in the Information Age, also known as the New Media Age. Today, social media is the key to success for any brand or individual who wants influence, visibility, and credibility in their field. 

Gone are the days when traditional celebrities or business brands influenced and dictated our lifestyles. Nowadays, social media influencers and personalities are the new trend setters, thought leaders, and authorities. 

However, social media and content creation is not everyone’s cup of tea. It requires a specialized skill set, strategy, consistency, and determination to carve a niche in this fast-paced industry.

Ahmad Imam is one such name who is making waves in the online space for his innovative and creative thinking. 

He is the Chief Executive Officer of the elite personal branding and content marketing agency, The Executive Brand

Ahmad Imam designed The Executive Brand to cater to a specific client profile of high net worth individuals and ultra-high net worth individuals who were already successful in their field, but lacked an online presence and strong personal brand that gave them the online recognition they deserve. 

Through The Executive Brand, Ahmad Imam and his accomplished team now helps the likes of C-suite executives, industry leaders, sophisticated entrepreneurs, high profile celebrities, and even Royal Family members, amplify their personal brand online, and leverage the success, accomplishments, and influence that they have already built offline to further position them as authorities in their field. 

Through this process, he not only helps them reach millions of people to share their message, knowledge and expertise, but transforms them into global leaders online. 

In today’s climate, there is a lack of trust for businesses and organizations who do not have a face or relatable voice. Authenticity is a commodity, and being able to connect with your audience on a personal level is now more important than ever. 

In fact, a vast majority of consumers and decision makers, especially Millennials, who are now the largest segment of the workforce are largely making their decisions based on shared values and whether they share similar beliefs with a trusted source. 

This means that all businesses need to have a trusted face, voice, and brand ambassador that can communicate on a more personal level with their target audience. 

For this reason, The Executive Brand works on the principle of trust. As Imam states, “Trust is imperative for business growth. Your ability to influence your target audience on social media largely depends on the level of authority that you have. To be seen as a reliable authority, it is critical to take a proactive and deliberate approach to managing your personal brand and online presence.”

Imam, however, believes that time is valuable and for his unique clientele, social media is not the best use of their time, but having visibility online is a necessity. 

“Managing your own social media presence in a way that builds trust and engagement takes time, and specialist skills. Inconsistent, or inexperienced social media management can damage your brand. By outsourcing to a team of experts that focuses on sophisticated clients, you can grow your visibility and authority with consistent messaging, and peace of mind that it reflects who you are in an authentic way.”

Your unique tone of voice is critical to building an online presence. For this reason, The Executive Brand begins by building a thorough Personal Brand Blueprint. They establish your brand fundamentals, brand strategy, and style guide in a way that aligns with your business and career goals. 

This Brand Blueprint also conveys your personal brand mission, values, ethics, messaging, all the way down to your personality traits so that your editorial tone and style can be accurately conveyed. 

Every piece of thought-provoking content they create is subject to their internal quality control process to ensure it aligns with your blueprint, and the result is authentic content that sounds like you while simultaneously amplifying  

Although The Executive Brand takes a multi-platform approach, given their clientele of sophisticated executives, entrepreneurs and eminent individuals, LinkedIn is not only the priority but the ideal platform to elevate their personal brands on a professional level. 

Due to its success, The Executive Brand is now highly regarded as one of the most impressive, professional and world-class agencies on the market right now for high profile leaders, or those who aspire to be high profile leaders. 

It’s tried and proven, brilliant in design and ideation for high level personal branding and content, and as their many clients can attest, one of the best investments you can make with an easy ROI decision for busy leaders with powerful voices.


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