This article provides complete details about Lazada Project Scam, as well details about the statement by the lazada organization.

Are you familiar with the Lazada project. What do you know about the services offered by Lazada Group? This blog will help you find all the information. This company is quite well-known in India.

We will be discussing the ecommerce business and details about its services in today’s article. Continue reading for more information.

The legitimacy for the Lazada Project:

The latest scam news circulated among the country’s citizens while everyone is trying not to fall for the job opportunity scam. Lazada seems to be legit. Sources claim that the Lazada group offers part-time work opportunities for those who are able to do simple tasks. However these opportunities are bogus, according to Lazada, which released a statement and stated that they were not involved in any aspect of them.

Many people became aware of the scam and began searching What’s Lazada Project. According to reports, the scammers ask people to sign up as part-time workers where victims will receive between $300 and $500. Later, the scammers request an advance payment via the Lazada website. They also offer Lazada affiliate links in order to win customers’ trust.

Lazada Details:

Lazada Group is a private limited firm. It is a well-known ecommerce business that was founded on 27 March 2012. It is located in Southeast Asia. The headquarters of the company is in Downtown Core in Singapore. Its ecommerce operations are spread throughout many countries such as Thailand, Malaysia and the Philippines. Its goal is to provide services for around 300 million customers by 2030.

People are now questioning whether Lazada Projectscam really is legit after the latest scam. Scam incidents like these are becoming the talk in the area. Unfortunately, many people fell for the scam and lost their money.

This company was created by Maximilian Bittner. It is currently owned and supported by Rocket Internet. Its goal is to provide an excellent online shopping experience to all customers.

The Worthiness and Integrity of Lazada Group:

  • The launch of the web site: This web portal was launched on 25/08/2009.
  • The rate at which trust is granted: The web portal’s trust level is around 96%.
  • The copy rate for The web portal has all content from other sites.
  • Alexa ranking The global Alexa rank is #22928.

Company statement on Lazada Project Scam:

Lazada group made an official statement on its social media accounts after they became aware of such scams. They stated that all part-time job opportunities are just scams, and that they were not involved in any aspect. The scammers are only out to trick users, so it is important that people remain alert for such offers.


They made it clear to everyone that these fraudsters only aim to fool people by promising them part-time employment. This article gives all the details. This link will provide more information about the Lazada Project.

This article includes all the details regarding Lazada Project Scam, as well as additional information on the Lazada group statement.


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