China’s printing industry has a long history and many internal subdivisions, involving the publishing industry, packaging industry, paper products industry, plastics industry, electronics industry, etc., and its products are used in all major areas of national economic life.

With the rapid popularity and development of the Internet and large-scale e-commerce, many well-known traditional printing companies have joined the e-commerce industry. With hundreds of thousands of printers in China, the market is becoming increasingly competitive, printing costs are rising, and customers are demanding higher prices and speed, so new market opportunities need to be built to ensure continued business growth in the future.

In addition to traditional screen printing, gravure printing, and digital printing, what other printing methods are available? Today we will introduce a new printing pigment – optical magnetic glitter printing pigment.

So what are the differences and characteristics of magnetic glitter printing compared to traditional printing inks?

Magnetic glitter printing pigments are not a complete replacement for traditional printing inks but are combined with them in order to achieve a different printing style that will differentiate your product and brand from the competition and highlight your brand more.

Galglitter developed the optical magnetic glitter using imported substrates, based on the optical

principle of being able to dynamically change color under different light. Its color changes with the shift of observation angle and can also present the color effect of rainbow aperture under a point light source. After printing, the magnetic layer combined with the magnetic plate can present different shapes and 3D effects, creating a unique decorative style for the product.

Product Grain Size

The glitter is mainly divided into 35um, 50um, and 75um by the sieving method (Note: each specification allows the inclusion of smaller particle size powder).

Product Color

Galglitter series of magnetic glitter has the characteristics of high color concentration and a wide range of hues, which is very decorative when combined with printing ink.


Magnetic glitter can be used in coating, spraying, screen printing, gravure printing, etc. It can be widely used as optical color-changing printing pigment after an appropriate amount of mixing with ink. It can be widely used in water-based and solvent-based inks and has strong versatility. The proportion of addition can be 0.3~10%, and the specific proportion will depend on the required magnetic and optical effect. The small proportion of addition will have a shimmering effect, and a large amount of addition will have a halo effect.

In addition to the application as printing pigment introduced today, it can also be widely used in the industries of beauty and nail care, household appliances, and auto parts decoration parts. Its high-quality performance can meet the needs of different industries. Want to know more product details? Welcome to contact us!


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