You are probably familiar with acronyms online because you are an internet person. What about using acronyms online that don’t stand for anything? Uwu is an example.

Uwu is difficult to define because it doesn’t have a precise meaning the same way “LOL” means “laugh loud”. What does it actually mean?

What is the meaning of ‘uwu?

The image shows that uwu, also known as UwU or “uwu face”, is the form of a happy smile. It’s also called “anime happy face”. It can be taken to mean happy, but in a very smug way.

Uwu is a common term in Japanese and Korean online culture. It is used to respond to cute things or Kawaii.

How do you pronounce uwu?

It is not true. Uwu is more online-based, so you rarely use it in conversation. If you really want to use it, however, “oooo-uuuh” would be the best.

Use in furry fandom

Furries love the uwu emoticon, because it can be seen as a nose-like shape. Furries are people who are obsessed with anthropomorphic animals. They often dress up like them and have sex.

Mark Hamill uses the emoticon

Mark Hamill was persuaded by a fan to tweet “uwu” in 2018, after explaining that it was not a joke.

@HamillHimself / Twitter

Users on uwu were shocked by the emoticon’s use.

uwu’s reaction

Tumblr user 2013 suggested that predators could use the emoticon and other “cute” internet slang in order to get at teenage girls. According to Know Your Meme , this discourse about the emoticon’s uses is called “uwu culture” and there is now an tag on Tumblr.

In a February 2018 Tumblr post, one user said that the exact same arguments were being used five year later. However, it is now’softboys’. People point out that there are many creepy grown men who purposely paint themselves as soft, cuddly, and nimble so that they can be as creepy and as dangerous as they like. .

What makes ‘owo?’ different?

Also, there is “owo” and “OwO”. This is a different meaning from uwu. Although owo is still a face, it’s an evolution of “oo”, the emoticon that used to convey a blank, slightly shocked stare.


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