Your phone rings, and you see the message “Risk from spam” on the screen. What is the mysterious spam risk? And why does it keep calling you? We’ll explain it and show you how you can stop them.Index of contents 

The quick answer

Your mobile carrier will detect if you get a call from someone who is likely to be fraudulent or deceptive if you see the “Spam Risk” message on your iPhone/Android caller ID screen. This means you should ignore the call and not answer it.

AT&T’s automatic scam call blocking system, AT&T Call Protect was launched December 20, 2016. Its purpose is to automatically identify and block fraud calls, often in conjunction with a paid service, and even to identify suspicious spam calls.

You may also see another label, such as “Spam”, Telemarketer”, Scam Risk”, “Likely Scam”, or “Potential Spam” if you use another mobile operator. These labels all refer to the same thing: the mobile operator marked the call as possible spam.

Wait, what exactly is spam?

Spam is an acronym for unrequested communications that are received at high rates of frequency in technology. This term was originally used to refer to Monty Python’s TV comedy sketches. It was first used to describe high volumes of disruptive messages in early online services. In the 1990s, unsolicited email was still common. Monty Python shows a woman at a restaurant facing a list of spam-based items. It is frustrating and repetitive.

Spam has been used to describe any unsolicited high-volume communication. This includes phone calls, physical submissions, and paper submissions. Spam is an epidemic in today’s connected world. It is hard to avoid it.

Can I turn off “spam risk” calls

You can turn on “Mute Unknown callers” in iOS 13 or later if you are tired of being pestered by spam calls. This feature will send unknown calls (not in you contact list) directly into your voicemail. It will also silence any notifications or ringtones for the call.

Open the Settings app, go to Phone > Mute Unknown Phones, and then slide the switch next “Mute Unknown Phones” to the “On”

You can use Android to activate verified calls to filter out unknown calls. You will need to download the Phone by Google app, and then enable it in the app.

You will then be able to block any spam calls that you receive. Later, you can manually filter spam calls by using the “Recent List” in the Phone app for Android or iPhone. You can also check voice messages that you have received on iPhone.

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Is “spam risk” a misnomer?

Your mobile operator will automatically label calls as spam. This could mean that the label “Risk from spam” might be inaccurate. If you’re waiting for an important call, and have “Spam Risk”, you can tap the Phone app on Android or iPhone to view the list of recent calls.

Check the “Risk of Spam” numbers to confirm that you are able to call the person you have called back. future. Best of luck!


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